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Machine learning and automation solutions for
startup and enterprises


API Endpoints

Providing a powerful API service that reduces development time and computation expenses for businesses of all sizes.


Machine learning

AI-powered automation platform for your business. Streamline routine tasks and boost efficiency with our cutting-edge AI technology.


Artificial Intelligence

A large language model specifically trained on your company's custom knowledge base. Boost customer satisfaction and reduce support response times with our intelligent platform.


DEFI Applications

We audit and develope DEFI applications. Enhance security and reliability in the decentralized finance space with our expert team and cutting-edge technology.


Our Story

Providing Machine learning
Techniques & realtime solutions

Pitch a company in 2 lines that provides api and AI soliutions that reduce app development cost and reduce human resource thus cutting cost of procustion.

  • Various Plans

    Select the plans that suits your requirement and budget

  • Custome Plans & Services

    Can't find a right plan for you? need a custom AI solution? Contact us.

Our Solutions

How do we manage
IT services for your industry

  • 01

    Receive Custom Plan

    Using our large language model trained on your company's data to reduce mundane tasks such as email responses and quotation preparation, increasing productivity and saving valuable time.

  • 02

    DEFI solutions

    Our team of experts provides comprehensive auditing and development solutions to ensure your DEFI applications are secure and efficient.


Our Pricing

Committed to giving
the best lowest in technology


Regular Plan

$350 /Monthly

  • 1000 request/hour
  • Access to selected 5 API
  • 99.999% uptime

Premium Plan

$6900 /Monthly

  • 10000 requests/hour
  • Access to all Premium API
  • 24X7 support
  • Dedicated Endpoints

Business Plan


  • 100000 requests/hour
  • Acess to all Premium API
  • 24X7 Dedicated support
  • Dedicated Endpoints
  • Access to general LLM


Frequently Asked Questions

After payment confirmation when you login you will be prompted to select 5 API you want

The api endpoint will be dedicated only for that client no other loads and free from other downtimes

If you need help selecting the right plan for your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Our team is always happy to assist you in any way we can!